Writing Personal Statement for College


1. Describe an example of your leadership experience in which you have positively influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or contributed to group efforts over time.

My love for family and community made me apply for the Honor Program. I wanted to further my education because my family was living in abject poverty. I had a strong passion for education but my family could not allow me to venture into what I wanted the most.

Ever since my childhood, I have wanted to become different from the other ladies who had dropped out of school because of early pregnancies. Moreover, I have been raised in a single parent family and thus I clearly understood the challenges that my mother went through to ensure that my siblings had a brighter future. I have taken a lot of time learning the challenges of my community and specifically that of my family.

I found that none of my family members had completed college education. I established that most of the young girls in our village had been victims of early pregnancies and thus they were subjected to motherhood at an early I prepared to take a course that will allow me to solve the problems that are prevalent in my community.

Being born by immigrant parents for Jamaica, I realized that racial discrimination is a serious issue in the United States. Indeed, this reason as to why I joined campus committees to fight for the rights of the immigrants. It is my desire that the African Americans in the United States should be treated with dignity and respect.

Similarly, in joined the Black Student Union to examine the challenges that the Black students were facing while in colleges. On the other hand, I started my club, Supporting Highly Ambitious Divas and Empowering Sisterhood (SHADES).

I come from a community where girl child education is not a priority and this is the reason I was told drop school and do menial jobs to support my mother in the household activities. It was a challenging during the first at college because I had stayed at home for some time without learning.

Finally, I decided to endure in order to overcome the challenges my family and community had faced for many years. I was focused on making other ladies more optimistic and strive to study hard and thus avoid early pregnancies.

2. Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem solving, original and innovative thinking, and artistically, to name a few. Describe how you express your creative side.


For many years, I have worked with a non-profit organization called Youth First were I have been a mentor for young boys and girls in the middle and high school. In this club, we encourage the youths who live communities were crime and poverty is the order of the day. In our club, we meet and discuss the salient challenges that are prevalent in our community and the United States in general.

My job was to attract more youths because I felt that they needed a better life in society and the group offered a better platform for their unique challenges. Having been raised in the community, I understand their social and economic challenges.

As a group we organize for camp meetings, take them to the church and conduct fundraisings to support their need and wants. I was more interested in ensuring that they do not experience what I have through. Because of the challenges of their families, we organize for meals on weekly basis.

Since we formed the club, I have been overwhelmed by what we normally do and I realized that we have a sole responsibility of ensuring that we support the needs of these children who live in risky neighborhoods. I believed that teamwork is what could allow us to reach our goals of ensuring a safer community for all. Working as a team had made us stronger and generate more ideas that help better the activities of the club.

Most of the members seem more excited about the things we were doing and advocated for fundraising to help change the lives of the youths in the community in a positive way. We are planning a talent show that will help identify the unique talents of young boys and girls.

We demonstrated that we should include activities like singing, traditional costumes, music, and dancing among others. Indeed, I wanted to ensure that the presence of the immigrants is felt in the United States.

I wanted to improve racial relation within the school environment. I established that we have a fairly balanced mix of races in the college but that did not mean that our ideas were fairly balanced.

Over the years, my dream has been to make my community a better place. For many years, my people have been affected by poverty and thus they have placed little or no value to education. I have been determined to make the lives of the people with my community better and more comfortable.

On the other hand, I established that my school is one that has people from different cultures and it was my desire that we learn to embrace each other. It is demonstrated that most schools in the United States have a myriad of socioeconomic challenges.

For instance, the issue of race is one that has affected the lives of many students. Gender imbalance is another problem that is evidenced in American society and thus I started the first women club called SHADES. The club was open to male membership but it was intended to address the unique challenges that affect the women in the United States. It is explored that women face problems like early teen pregnancies, cases of rape, and gender inequality among others. We held weekly forums where we discussed the challenges that women that needed urgent attention.

Having been raised in a community where girls were not given equal opportunity to study, I decided that these barbaric ways of discriminating the girl child should not be allowed to germinate in modern My focus has been to ensure that everyone is given equal opportunity to exercise what they feel is right for them as long it is morally right.

It is demonstrated that most of the girls in my community had dropped out of school because of early pregnancies, I felt it was my duty to educated them about the need for education and avoid a relationship that could ruin their future. Through the activities of SHADES, we organized for events in the community to educate the parents about the fruits of taking children to school.

For example, most of the people in my college had not gone beyond high school and thus it was important deviate from this norm. I was interested in changing the popular belief that most immigrant communities that hold that the place of the women is in the household activities.

Therefore, I have been able to encourage the members of the community to embrace the ideals of equality that will allow all races and genders to progress in all walks of life. Moreover, as a member of the Black History Committee, I was able to organize events that support the critical rights of the African Americans.

4. Describe how you have taken advantage of a significant educational opportunity or worked to overcome an educational barrier you have faced.

It is demonstrated that coming from a poor background is a serious challenge in the United States. I have been raised with a single parent after was arrested and deported to Jamaica.

Indeed, this made life unbearable as my mother could not adequately provide for all of us in the family. Being the eldest in the family of 4 children, I was forced to drop out of school and help my mother help 3 brothers.

I established that households that are controlled and managed by single parents especially the mothers have a myriad of challenges. My mother has been the sole breadwinner after the deportation of my father.

Being the eldest and the only girl in the family, I decided to leave school and do the household chores as my mother concentrated on other odd jobs in the community to support the family.

For instance, there are nights when we went hungry because my mother did not get any job for the day. Therefore, I was faced with the dilemma of leaving school and help my mother support the needs of the family or continue with college. It was my desire to finish my studies up to college and prove the community that ladies had the same ability as men in the society.

I decided that I should take some break off school and progress later when my brother could have joined college. Eventually, I was able to resume my studies and realize my dreams.

I was fortunate that I did not get pregnant while in high school because I clearly understood the implication of giving birth at an early While at school I was able to form SHADES that was directed to finding solutions to part of the problems I faced in my family and those of other girls who had not been able to progress with their studies.

Am grateful that the life I lived in my community made me focus more on helping others with similar challenges. It is, for this reason, I joined Youth First where I become a mentor of young boys and girls.

Indeed, it has been my desire to support the needs of the disadvantaged in the community and so far I have been able to achieve part of it. I realized that education can make people better and help solve their problems in the society.

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