Course Work On The Art of Persuasion


Scenario: You are a budding entrepreneur with a great idea and you want to pitch it on the TV show, “Shark Tank”. Your product or service should be something the Sharks want to sink their teeth into. Draft a 1-2 minute pitch of your idea, using one of the techniques described in the Weekly Materials. Your pitch should contain a brief non-confidential description of your business product or service, explain any differentiating advantages, and end with a call to action. Then discuss the persuasive technique(s) you used and why you chose them.



The Art of Persuasion


My name is (John Doe), the founder of ConnectMe, and we are a team of productivity experts. More importantly, we are revolutionizing the way people share knowledge, and organize themselves by reinventing online collaboration. And to help you understand why our users log into ConnectMe every day,  I would like to share with you a quote, by Theodor Adorno, which is ‘the task of art today is to bring chaos into order.’ Although we are not artists like Theodor, we are bringing order into the chaos of online collaboration.

But before I go into the specifics of ConnectMe, I want to share with you a story. The earliest form of human activity that has been passed onto generations for many centuries is agriculture. Born in Mesopotamia, agriculture features the same tools that humans have used for many years. Fortunately, it took us decades for humans to combine these tools into one machine: the combined harvester. Although I am not an expert of using combined harvester, I am aware that you can control this machine with few handles. If such collaborative efforts can be successful in agriculture, why can’t we do the same in our everyday work lives?

This is why we provide the ConnectMe services, which simplifies the complexity of tools used in the workplace. Our collaborative tools help businesses reduce their travel costs, save communication costs, offer easy access to information, and lead to employee satisfaction. Specifically, our tools are useful when it comes to project organization and allows project managers to apply flexible management skills. Our platform provides lists and boards of various tasks within the business that needs to be managed. Manual management of projects is a horrible way of organizing workflows, and using our software allows project managers to track information that is shared in the course of the project.

We are aware of the competitive landscape in the business out there, and we know how to build systems that guarantee a competitive advantage. Our services are widely used in the manufacturing industry, where we deal with hundreds of project management on daily basis. So you know what we are building and why we building it. We are looking for $200,000 to go fast as we undertake an expansion strategy that includes further developing the product, increase the number of employees, and finance a robust marketing strategy that will result in additional 10,000 users in the next six months.

The persuasive technique used in the pitch above is an appeal to reason or logos. This is because, throughout the presentation, facts and evidence (such as the use of the services in managing hundreds of projects in the manufacturing industry) were used in the hope of convincing the investors of the strength of the product/service. It was important to use the logos persuasion technique because it seems tangible and touchable and will provide evidence for major decisions especially those relating to investments.



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